Who We Are

buried treasure coffee in BC

I love a good cup of coffee.  Something I enjoy each day.  I started roasting coffee beans in small batches as a hobby;  to my amazement people at the farmers’ market enjoyed my coffee as much as I did.  It became clear to me that organically & fairly traded Arabica coffee beans, freshly roasted and blended made for a noticeably better coffee.  My hobby turned into a passion, which turned into a business.  As owner of Café Mt. Robson in British Columbia, visitors from around the world have purchased my coffee, subsequently requesting that I mail out. 

As a young girl I remember when tea boxes used to contain a small little treasure, sometimes a porcelain ornament or other little collectable gift prize.  It was fun to anticipate what could be waiting in our box of tea. In our effort to make our coffee available to our customers for online purchase and subscription, I wanted to add a little something extra. 

Customers order our coffee because it is roasted to order.  “We roast, then post”!  Our motto “Seriously Fresh”.  It makes all the difference.  A treasure in every bag for added fun.


Reach out to us on Instagram @buriedtreasurecoffee and share your treasure finds, where you like to enjoy your cup of coffee or just to say Arrr Matey! 

Happy hunting,



Thank you.