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Every bag of coffee comes with a buried treasure of all different values. You'll be opening that bag of beans the moment it arrives to dig up your booty! 

Will you discover a top treasure?


Brew up those beans and enjoy a hot cup while you share photos of your treasure on Instagram. Use #beansandbooty and tag @buriedtreasurecoffee for a chance to win prizes and be featured in our gallery.

How It Works

Buried Treasure Coffee finds unique treasures from all over the world and as pirates, we need to find a place to bury our treasures. We have hidden our treasures throughout our coffee bags along side some treasures from other partner pirates.

Coffee Treasure Prizes

Every bag of our coffee has a hidden treasure that could range in value from a unique keychain to a luxury watch, exquisite real jewellery or gift cards from partner pirates. You can see some of the Top Treasures listed on our homepage and we will always be treasure hunting to add to our collection.

Imagine opening up your bag of Buried Treasure Coffee and discovering you just dug up one of the top treasures!

Top treasure

We batch package our coffee to ensure freshness and so that new treasures are continually coming in and going out. Every batch of bagged coffee with a treasure inside goes into our treasure chest which we select from randomly so everyone has a fair chance to discover top treasures.

You can read more on our FAQ page about the entire process. And don't forget to check out our video.