Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the most valuable treasure?

A.  We are always treasure hunting for new unique treasures to bury. To see some of the top buried treasures, visit our homepage and scroll down about mid way for more details.

Q.  Where do you get your treasures from and how often do you change them?
A.  We scour the world for our unique pirate booty & also partner up with some awesome companies to give away gift cards and treasures.

We usually order small batches of treasures, just like we do with our coffee to keep everything fresh & exciting!

Q.  Can I exchange or return my treasure for cash value?
A.  Sorry all of our treasures are sent at random and some supplied from our sponsored treasure providers as an extra bonus to our premium coffee. We cannot provide exchanges or warranties on treasures found. For any issues concerning treasures provided by sponsored (company) treasures, please contact the treasure provider directly.

Due to the nature of our products being a consumable product with a shelf life for freshness, all coffee purchases are final sale.

Q.  Can my company have a treasure buried?
A.  Of course! We love to share different treasures and support other companies by offering a unique way to advertise your products or services. See more details about advertising with us on our ADVERTISE WITH US Page

Q. Can we carry your products in our boutique or cafe?
A. Yes, we would be honoured to have our unique coffee with buried treasures adorn your shelves. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Q.  How are bags selected before being shipped out so I know I have an equal chance to discover an amazing treasure?
A.  We like to think all of our hidden treasures are amazing, however we do randomly select from our treasure collection and package in small batches of coffee bags. These bags are then placed into our treasure chest which we pick and ship from at random when orders come in. Make sure to scour our TREASURES FOUND page to see all of the treasures that have been discovered by our amazing customers across Canada. Because we do fairly select all of our treasures and coffee bags at random and purchase items sometimes in multiples, there is the chance of discovering the same treasure more than once.

Q.  Is it safe to have treasures in my coffee which I plan to drink?
A.  We ensure all of our treasures are properly sealed in food grade (Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.) poly bags prior to packaging. In order to do this some items will not come with their original packaging due to size constraints.

Q.  Is the coffee fresh?
A. We are a Micro Artisan Roastery. We daily roast small batches of fairly traded and organic coffee. Roast & Post is our motto.

Q.  What's the best way to store my Buried Treasure Coffee?
A.  All our freshly roasted coffee is sold in a resealable zip lock bag with a degassing valve. Open dig for Treasure and zip lock.

Q. Is the net weight for the coffee and treasure?
A. No, you will receive 400g of gourmet coffee beans in every bag, the treasure is extra!

Q.  Where do you ship to?
A.  We are located in McBride, BC and ship our Buried Treasure Coffee across all of Canada.

Q.  Why don't you ship internationally?
A.  Think about it this way, how would it look at customs having an expensive watch or jewellery being shipped inside coffee beans across the border without any proper value or contents claimed on it?  We don't want to end up in jail for smuggling treasures and because we run our business authentically and randomly select our treasures, we have no idea as to what is going where, so placing a value on each bag would be impossible. If someone does ship items like this across the border, its probably safe to say they are not doing it legitimately and I would question the authenticity of their "random" prizes.

Q.  What currency are your prices in?
A.  We are a Canadian coffee subscription company so all of our prices are in CAD and include all taxes. The price you see is the price you get.

Q.  How much does shipping cost?
A.  We ship FREE across Canada

Q.  How do you ship and how long will it take to arrive?
A.  We ship with Canada Post from BC, Canada. Please allow us 72 hours for packages to be shipped out. Shipments can take 3-10 business days depending on how far your pirate ship is anchored across Canada.

Q.  How can I save money on my Buried Treasure Coffee order?
A.  Subscribing to one of our plans will save you a percentage off of every bag shipped to your door, plus this keeps you from ever running out of coffee which we can all agree is our worst nightmare!

Q.  What kinds of subscriptions do you offer?
A.  Whether you are a coffee addict or a treasure hunter, we plan to make your life easier by ensuring a fresh bag of coffee shows up in your mailbox before you ever run out from the last one. Our subscription options we offer are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly deliveries. We found that the average coffee drinking pirate that 1 bag per week is the perfect amount. If you are a couple of pirates with a daily coffee drinking routine, we would suggest bumping it to 2 bags per week, but you can always adjust as you go by logging into your account and increase or decrease your subscription at anytime.

Your card will be processed every time prior to shipping your next delivery of coffee with hidden treasures.

Q.  Does my subscription auto renew?
A.  When signing up for a subscription, select your subscription length and after the term is finished we will no longer ship or charge your card unless you renew your subscription.
Or select the "ongoing" option initially in which we will continue to ship out your coffee with hidden treasures. We will process your card for each shipment and mail your coffee out right away.

Our subscription is simple, no need to remember to cancel as the subscription length you pick is the subscription length we will charge for and ship.
No strings attached! No worrying about having to cancel!

Q. Can I change my subscription? I need more coffee!
A. You can manage and update your subscription at anytime by logging into your profile and making any needed changes through the MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION link at the bottom of the page. Or if you need to cancel your "ongoing" subscription, this is where you would do this as well... Although you might make a couple pirates cry by doing so :(

Q. Can I purchase your coffee without a subscription? I have commitment issues.
A. We offer a "one time purchase" option for anyone that is scared to take that leap into a more serious relationship with us... or if you just want to try our delicious coffee and your luck and digging up a top treasure.

You can also order multiple bags as a one time purchase by changing the quantity.

Q. Can I send a Buried Treasure Coffee bag as a gift?
A.  Yes! Our unique coffee with buried treasures makes a great gift for coffee lovers that are hard to shop for on your list. Lets not forget that if they uncover a top treasure, your gift just became the best gift they got and at a fraction of the cost to you... here's to being a gift giving god!  

To send as a gift directly, make sure to input the shipping address and name of the person you are sending the gift to at checkout. Don't worry, all of our subscriptions auto cancel at the end of the subscription term you chose, so no need to worry about remembering to cancel your subscription. Perfect for gifts!

Q. Do you offer gift wrapping? I want it to be a surprise!
A. We sure do! One of our pirate staff can gift wrap your first shipment and even include an elegantly hand written card with your message on it FREE of charge. You can see more details on our "Free Gift Wrapping" page.

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