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Are you looking for one of the most unique opportunities to get your business out there?

We get your product directly in the hands of customers and encourage them to share their finds on social media through our Treasures found page for chances to win prizes. Each item has a potential to be shared amongst their entire social following multiplied by how many treasures you want to provide us.

Our approach is fun, unique and our customers love to share their treasures through social networks and amongst family and friends. The return on investment can be MUCH better than purchasing ads or sponsoring a social post. Your treasure could land into the hands of an Instragram celebrity at a fraction of the cost it would take to get a sponsored post.

Sharing Buried Treasure

Your logo will also be displayed on our homepage (linking to your site) under the "Recent Treasure Providers" for a minimum of 30 days and will stay there until new treasure providers come along which could potentially be much longer than the minimum 30 days we offer.

Furthermore, all treasure providing businesses can include an insert with their treasure. This can be in the form of a coupon, gift card or business card so our customers know who sponsored that treasure. *Note that size maximum should be no larger than a standard business or gift card.

What are the treasure value and size requirements?
Must have a minimum retail value of $10 and can fit into a 4x6 bag that we properly seal for food safety.
Some items may require the removal of the original packaging in order to fit within the bags. For example - We provided luxury skull watches as one of our initial top treasures which fit perfectly without the actual watch box.

Please contact us with measurements of your treasure so we can verify if it will fit.
See below on how to include large treasures.

What type of treasures are you hunting for?
We are looking for unique items but we do accept gift cards as well to unique stores. Gift cards must be a minimum of $10/card and no restrictions like minimum order or towards certain products..etc as we want to provide real treasures for our treasure hunters. If you are providing gift cards, your store has to sell to Canada as our customers are from all across Canada.

What if I don't have a treasure that I sell which can fit into the bags but I provide a great service or have an amazing website and I would like to get my name out there?
No problem! There are 3 ways we can do this:
1. We can provide sponsored treasures for you which we will include your business card with (must be provided or we can print text inserts for free)

2. You can send us a unique treasure totally unrelated to your business as long as its a unique item our treasure hunters would love to have and at a minimum retail value of $10.

For example sells online fitness apparel and gear, however they don't have any smaller items to include. They asked for our help and we found them some unique headphones to include in our treasures sponsored by their website... but SHHHHHH don't tell anyone or it will ruin the surprise!

3. We would also accept a larger sized treasure if you included shipping to the customer to anywhere in Canada. So if you want to giveaway a set of golf clubs for example, we would include an insert which we can print (picture and details of the treasure) or you can provide to us with details on how to collect the treasure from you.

Is there a minimum I have to supply?
Yes, we require a minimum of 10 items at a minimum $10 retail each OR you can provide larger items to equal a minimum of $100 in value. For example you can provide 10 necklaces all at $10 retail each, 5 items worth $20 each or you could provide a unique top treasure worth $100 or more.

Why would I want to provide a larger item?
Your item could land in the TOP TREASURES list which gets the most attention from our treasure hunters. If your item has a higher value than new top treasures coming in, it will stay there until 3 other treasures come along with higher values. Your one treasure could potentially give you months and months of advertising!

You will also be featured under the "recent treasure providers" for a minimum of 30 days.

The more unique or valuable your treasure is, the more willing our treasure hunters will be to share your product online and to everyone they know.

What if I want hundreds of people finding my unique treasure, is there a maximum I can supply?
Currently our max is set to 10 items the same. We want our treasure hunters to continually find unique treasures so we don't want to overfill our treasure chest with one item. You can however provide us a variety of treasures if you want to reach more coffee lovers/treasure hunters homes to advertise your business.


We would love to hear about your business and how we can help you get your name out there, if you are interested in being a part of our hidden treasures, please contact us so we can chat more.